Thursday, November 11, 2010

sometmes u love something so much that it hurts to leave it ,, but u must ...
sometmes it hard to0 much to hold on to that living u love ...
and sometmes u let go of hat u love because it hurts ,, but then sometmes .... u get it back n live hpply ever after.


why do people hve to lose things to find out what thye really mean ???


when u are in  love  and u get hurt ,, its like a cut .. it will hell ,, but there will always be a scar ..


my god put a spell on u ,, so u wont forget me  ...


whenever i cried he would always mke me fell like he would change the world if he could so it couldt hurt me anymore .. but now im criying and he not here ...


 u can close your eyez to0 things u dont want to0 see ,, but u cant cl0se your heart to0 things u dont want to0 fell ....


when i see your smile n know that it is not for me ,, that is when i will miss u the most ..


 when u said 4 ever ,, ,, u mean a few months .. when i said 4 ever ,, i meant every day until i died ..  when u said always ,, u meant until u couldt handle it anymore .. when i said always ,, i meant until tmes ended .. when u said u love me ,, u meant i was ni diffrend from any other gurl .. when i said love u ,, i meant i had nver felt what i felt for u ...


 i dont miss him ,, i miss who toungh he was ..


i miss u a little ,, i guess u could say ,, a little to0 much ,, a little to0 often ,, a little more each day !!

                                     i lup u until i die ,,!!


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